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Tax in 25 years


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Food (continued)

That last blog didnt work out right, i still have’nt got the hang of doing them so this is part 2!

…But given the overly affluent diets of people in developed countries there is a stark contrast, an inequality that has to be dealt with. But the question is how do you get people who have so much, such high living standards to just give it all up so that people on the other side of the world can do better!?

Well one option is that we could all turn vegeterian! I was surprised by the fact that it takes ten units of grain equivalent to produce one unit of grain equivalent as beef. I think that maybe there should be meat quotas placed on farmers to encourage more vegetable production.

Farmers markets are becoming more and more popular aswell according to this very relevant episode of ecoeye on rte.


The episode focuses on how Ireland could almost completely sustain itself without in food production. Worth a look.

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I really enjoyed this weeks lectures (especially the free ‘almost zero carbon’ apple)! thanks for that by the way. i have always been interested in the biology side of things and i liked the way the facts and figures were presented to us.

So basically we have a serious problem with world food production not meeting demand, especially in the future with world population expected to increase by up to 4.5 billion in the next 20 years. And considering the fact that we don’t seem to be able to solve world hunger now (clearly), its hard to see how we could possibly do it in the future.Its hard to believe that 1

child dies every 5 seconds as a

result of hunger or that there are

almost a billion people starving

in the world today.

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